What the mission of Fetish Lifestyle Open Group is, what FLOG is, and what FLOG is not.


FLOG was founded in December 1998 to specifically address the St. Louis scene and its ever growing and changing needs. FLOG is dedicated to providing an open, friendly, safe, and educational atmosphere all under one roof. All FLOG asks in return is that you come with a willingness to learn as well as educate, and to come with an open mind to diversity and an open heart to acceptance.

Most importantly, we are not mandated by a Board. This group is your group and we all work together.

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What FLOG is

We are a completely open group. If you have an interest in BDSM, and have been looking for the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, then we are here for you. Our group exists not only for those people that are relatively new to the scene and are enjoying the process of learning about themselves and growing from their experiences, but also for those more experienced in the lifestyle. We are a group of individuals that feel that it's important that some form of BDSM fit somewhere in our lives. We encourage people to learn and gain an understanding of this lifestyle.

  • 1 large social and optional play party each month
  • Hands-On Training Sessions (HOTS)

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What FLOG is NOT

We are not a swingers or sex group. We do not require a certain level of experience in the lifestyle, and we do not require a fee to join. We are not a match-making service. Everyone is equal until they enter into an understood agreement with their play-partner.

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